World cup winners, world champions, Olympic champions — all over the world, top athletes and champions rely on solutions from Energeia.


Benjamin Brooks, Sales Manager, reports on his experiences with the SHT-CHI. He also talks about experiences with his clients, also in conjunction with the SHT® self-healing techniques from Roberto Antela Martinez.


Sophie Maria Caspar, trainer and training manager, reports how she became symptom-free from period pain in a short time with the SHT-CHI Abdomen and SHT-CHI Pain.


Uta Opitz, entrepreneur/spiritual guide, has been using energy work and healing modalities for over 10 years and reports on her experiences with the SHT-CHIs.


Learn how Gut Aiderbichl uses SHT-CHI to help rescued animals with pain relief so that they are not exposed to the side effects of pain medication.

Dieter Ehrengruber, Foundation Board Member Gut Aiderbichl, reports on the work of Gut Aiderbichl and the related needs to care for sick animals. They have seen a lot in the field of healing. He was pleasantly surprised by the use of the SHT-CHI energy cells and came up with the idea of ​​supporting the animals with them. He is enthusiastic about the ease of use (no preparation necessary, just stick it on) and above all the associated improvement in the quality of life for the animals.

Zoo keeper Eva Zach talks about animals that come to them sick. The use of the SHT-CHI energy cells is still in the test phase, but so far they are very well accepted by the animals. She mentions an example of a horse with inflammation in the hoof. Here they attached the SHT-CHI directly onto the hoof. The effect was noticeable after just a few days, and the horse felt much more comfortable. They hope that by using the SHT-CHI energy cell, they will generally need less painkillers, as they put too much strain on the animals' bodies - especially the stomach.


Alexander Taschner is a master in psychosomatic therapy (naturopath, osteopath) and uses SHT-CHI to help his clients in innovative ways.

He has had his practice in Wels for 18 years and has been using the Global Diagnostic Systems for 1 1/2 years. Both the large and the small subspecies of this technology. Due to a serious skull injury some time ago that was difficult to treat with medication, he is grateful for the support of this technology and has now almost completely recovered.

He reports about a client who had suffered from severe sleep disorders and recurring psychotic attacks for 10 years. After only 2 days with the SHT-CHI Sleep, she was able to sleep deeply again. In that way she had a stronger psychological recovery and now feels more vital than it has been in a long time.

Another patient had typical stress in the knee. The left leg was operated on, which put strain on the right knee and became infected. After just 2 days with the SHT-CHI Inflammation, the 3-year long-term inflammation improved noticeably.

He states that people are enthusiastic about the technology of the SHT-CHIs and thus also about him as a therapist. Mainly because it is so easy to just stick the energy cell on and receive noticeably great help, especially for people who often suffer a lot. That makes him very happy in his work and having been affected, he is also very grateful.


Andreas Haderer helps his customers in the sports business, including top athletes, with SHT-CHI information technology.

He has owned a sports shop for 30 years and has found out, especially in recent years, that not only sports equipment is important, the customer should also feel comfortable. During this search he came across the SHT-CHI energy cell. Because of a recurring tension in his back, he first tried the SHT-CHI Pain himself and is amazed.

He mentions a customer who had an issue with his hands falling asleep and neck tension while cycling. The SHT-CHI Back helped a lot.

He also talks about a customer (runner) who repeatedly suffered from knee pain. With the SHT-CHI these pains are gone.

He also gave the SHT-CHI to some top athletes who were unable to fully train due to pain. The feedback was enthusiastic, the pain was gone and they were able to train fully again.

Andreas Haderer is elated and believes that the SHT-CHI will be very interesting in the near future, because you can get your body back to an excellent foundation without pills and their side effects. In his eyes this will be an exciting topic for the next few years, where he will see a lot of happy people.


After being almost immobilized with pain in his knee and back, Ekkehard Grenzner tried SHT-CHI. Today he's back to his old, dynamic pace.

In his professional life he worked in the field for 40 years and drove a lot of kilometers. Then he got serious issues in his back. He also always did a lot of sport (skiing, hiking), which wore out his right knee to such an extent that he always had problems. He has been to various doctors who have tried a lot. From massages and radiation treatments to infiltrations (injections). The latter only brought relief for a short time. It was the same with his back pain.

Then he discovered the SHT-CHI Pain. After a few days on the knee, the pain was almost completely gone. He found this to be a great relief. On the spine he only uses the SHT-CHI Pain and often only for a short time. He does this about 2-3 times a week, also with great success. In addition, his fingers were badly crooked, which prevented him from opening and closing them. It was also always very painful. There, too, he uses the SHT-CHI and can now open and close his fingers again. Even gripping is possible again without pain.

He can only recommend the SHT-CHI.


The SHT energy cell and the innovative technology of frequency medicine has already been able to inspire many people. We would like to take this opportunity to share some of our personal experiences and success stories with you.


“After overstretching of an ankle, I had massive problems in the heel and could no longer step at all. Then I placed the SHT-CHI PAIN on the affected area. After a day it was much better, the next day I didn't feel anything. I am impressed."


When I attached the SHT-CHI Detox for the first time, at first I didn't notice any difference. After about 1 week, however, I noticed that some skin irritations, but also alleged moles and brown raised skin, faded or disappeared completely. I know that many skin irritations can result from the liver - for me this is proof that the SHT-CHI is effective.


“After years of suffering from kidney stones, the SHT-CHI finally brought some relief. Applied on the kidney meridian on the sole of the foot, I was able to feel relief within minutes and my symptoms resolved. Chemistry and the like is no longer necessary. All I can say is THANK YOU! "


After only two days of wearing the SHT-CHI Smoke Free , I no longer felt any desire for nicotine. I actually did quit smoking! I am excited about Roberto Antela Martinez and his techniques and would like to do the Master Coach training later, if my time allows.


“Since my childhood I have had severe problems in springtime when everything starts to bloom. That's why I always had to take a drug for several months to make everyday life bearable. Unfortunately, I experienced side effects and was very tired. Since I'm open to alternatives, I tried the SHT-CHI POLLEN SPRING . I didn't feel much the first two days, but from the third day on I felt a lot better. Since then I have been wearing the CHI every day and with a few exceptions I feel significantly better. I can do almost anything again and enjoy my life once again. My nose is also freed up and my eyes are watering significantly less."


I have been wearing the SHT-CHI Detox for some time and would like to report on my experiences. Right at the beginning I noticed something was happening in my body, I noticed some pain in the liver and gallbladder region before the drainage finally started. From then on I felt more comfortable day by day and the pain went away. I can only recommend the SHT-CHI Detox .


I gifted myself the SHT-CHI Pollen because I was really looking for an alternative to the antihistamine that I had been taking for years. Since I started wearing the SHT-CHI , I've been feeling very good. My nose is almost always clear, my eyes are free of irritation and tears, and I no longer have to sneeze. On top of that, I now fall asleep easily because I am no longer disturbed by a stuffy nose. Out of curiosity, in March I changed the SHT-CHI every day for a week, one day with the SHT-CHI , and the next day without the SHT-CHI: The difference was not only clearly noticeable for me but also visible for everyone around me. On the days without SHT-CHI , all the symptoms of a pollen allergy were present, on the days with SHT-CHI I was symptom-free! I am really deeply grateful for this “miracle” as I like to call it. Even if many people are skeptical, SHT-CHI really works! It is an indescribable energy, the frequency of which is put to perfect use. You have to try it yourself to have the experience!


I wore my SHT-CHI Self-Healing every day during my chemotherapy. He helped me a lot, gave me strength and I felt like I was recovering faster. The SHT-CHI was also good for my mind because I knew I always had support, even when my body felt particularly weak. My blood values ​​during the therapy were surprisingly good and the results were achieved before the end of the therapy - my tumor disappeared. I can only warmly recommend the SHT-CHI , especially for difficult times and exceptional situations and to activate the self-healing powers. Thank you dear SHT team, thank you Roberto - from the bottom of my heart for this great support! I am infinitely grateful for that.


“For 3 years I had almost unbearable pain in the lower lumbar spine, caused by herniated discs and subsequent surgical stiffening of the affected vertebrae. With the SHT-CHI, the pain was reduced by half overnight. My quality of life is back. "


First of all, I would like to thank you for the SHT-CHI Detox . In the first few days I was very tired - I was already familiar with this effect from other detox cleanses. I also had to urinate frequently - as I said, the usual procedure. Since I have severe problems with my liver and have repeatedly struggled with liver pain, I placed the SHT-CHI onto the liver. After a few days the pain was gone! Since I also have problems with my intestines again and again, I am currently trying the SHT-CHI on my solar plexus. I feel that my whole system has improved, I am more relaxed and in my self-love has grown. It feels wonderful, and this after less than three weeks! I am excited and happy and very grateful. I am determined to try out more SHT-CHI’s. What kind of money did I spend on other means in the past and had little or no success. I am very curious how it will continue!


I tried the SHT-CHI Joints for my rheumatic joint pain. I hardly have any pain anymore, I feel great and I notice immediately when I have forgotten to use the CHI, because then I easily get pain again. It's just great. I would like to try more, I'm already saving.


The SHT-CHI Joints helped with my acute and extreme knee pain. Because of the pain, I could hardly use the stairs or kneel. After about a week it was all over. I have been absolutely pain-free for 3 months. I would sometimes wear the SHT-CHI Pain on the other knee, which must have increased the positive effect.


The SHT-CHI Head alleviates my moderate headaches which I have now and then. I can also concentrate better when I wear it.


The SHT-CHI Energy helped a lot with my lack of energy and fatigue. I used to have to take a 2-3 hour nap to get through the day. Now a 20-30 minute nap will do, or even none at all. Driving a car doesn't make me tired like it used to, either.
My adult daughter Agnieszka always wore the SHT-CHI Energy and SHT-CHI Self-Healing during her pregnancy. That helped her a lot to pursue her demanding work and also to look after her 2-year-old child. Even now, after the birth of her second child, she still likes to wear the SHT-CHI Energy and SHT-CHI Self-Healing as needed.


The 3-month-old baby wears the SHT-CHI Abdomen for flatulence, digestive problems and restlessness. My daughter is convinced of the positive effects. She attaches the CHI to the clothing, not directly to the skin.


My husband Richard wears SHT-CHI Inflammation and SHT-CHI Pain . They alleviate his chronic back problems both in the upper back area and in the lumbar spine area.


Because of her metabolic disease (HPU) and intestinal problems my daughter Natalia was wearing the SHT-CHI Detox and SHT-CHI Self-Healing . Her various issues have lessened. She can go on with her duties, continue her studies without being sick all the time. Her digestion has improved and she can tolerate food better. Her sense of well-being is back. The chronic medical history is not over yet, but it has become bearable for her.
Natalia is currently wearing three different SHT-CHI: Self-Love , Anti-Stress and Lose Weight , which are helping her with depressive moods. After 2 months of wearing the CHIs she is now much more resilient and more balanced. Her abdominal pain has also decreased enormously. She can now deal with her stress a lot better and has become more active both emotionally and physically.